Change/Set password for git system account

Hi All,
We installed gitlab in omnibus method.We are using gitlab-rake console for lot of our administration activity.If it is a one time activity we can get root access and do our activity as sudo.In case of permanent scheduled operation we are facing problem with root access.

As per company policy no one can have permanent root access.

We know we can run gitlab-rake console via git system user but in omnibus method git account is password less.

[root@host:/etc]# grep git /etc/shadow

if we set password to git or gitlab-www or gitlab-psql , we able to login as that account and able proceed with the show.

But my issues what could be the impact on gitlab if we change/set password to this account.

Will it impact gitlab infrastructure?
Will it create any problem?
Will it affect the gitlab performance?
Will it affect the gitlab functionality?

Please help us.