Change username and email in all aspects of the instance

Hi. It’s possible to change username and email in all self-hosted instance of GitLab?

I can change all usernames and all authors name and committers name in all repositories, but it doesn’t change commits references in closed-merged merges requests and CI/CD jobs.

I try to modify the author_id and commiter_id in “merge_request_diff_commits” table and if I do a GET request to https://<gitlab-instance>/api/v4/projects/<project-id>/merge_requests/<mr-id>/commits I get the modified author and committer :slight_smile:

But, if I go to


on the browser, I get the old author and committer name.

I restart the instance multiple times and it’s the same :frowning:

It’s something that I missing? The instance is running on Docker and the image running is The config is the default (only changes nginx and domains stuffs).

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