Changelog API doesn't work together with BREAKING CHANGE: footer


we use Gitlab’s Changelog API functionality to auto generate a Changelog.
We use the Changelog footer for this, as documented, i.e.: Changelog: fix.

However, the documentation says it’s allowed to use multiple footers, for example the MR: footer. This is placed directly below the Changelog footer. This works fine.

According to the Git commit convention, to address breaking changes, it is advides to use the BREAKING CHANGE: footer. However, if this footer is used in combination with the Changelog Footer: the API skips this commit for changelog generation.

But, if I use a footer called BREAKING: (so without the space and CHANGES) it IS parsed and taken along for changelog generation. My assumption is that Gitlab can’t parse the BREAKING CHANGE: footer because of the space. I reckon this is a bug. Anyone who has dealt with this before, or knows a fix or workaround?