Changelog API seems to require Owner role, fails with Maintainer

I’m trying to use the Changelog API, it works great but I have an issue : it will fail when POST is called with a TOKEN from a user with Maintainer role.

I cannot find in API documentation which rights are required.

the TOKEN I use works to push tags for instance, or even accept merge requests, I’m suprirsed it woul not work to push a changelog commit

I get this error message,

"message":"403 Forbidden - You are not allowed to commit a changelog on this branch"

… and I’m not sure it’s a bug, or if it’s intended like that.

Note that the branch is protected (it’s the main branch),
maybe it’s designed to submit a PR on a dedicated branch first ? (quite a hassle but why not)

Any clue will be welcome !

thank you

okay, was mislead by a custom hook :confused:

forget that