Changelogs: no previous tag could be found:

I am currently trying Changelogs feature but I have some issues:

When I launch this command

glab changelog generate

I obtain this error

repository/changelog: 422 {message: Failed to generate the changelog:
The commit start range is unspecified, and no previous tag could be found to use instead}

Whereas I have 3 annotated tags

  • 1.0.0-swrd
  • 1.0.1-swrd
  • 1.0.2-swrd

Why no previous tag could be found ?

I need to indicate the commit start range as such

glab changelog generate --from 71dd4a7b3fbb5874e6f5d6f8c434a7544fdb6923

I obtain

## 1.0.2-swrd-3-gd09ab43

### feature (1 change)

- [Typology fix](appere/workflow@264373f0c59c87ada37be3c39603e7879885b45e)

### fix (1 change)

- [Typo correction](appere/workflow@36e443737c75270e92d0234a9b80f02032ce5a7e)

Why 1.0.2-swrd-3-gd09ab43 and not 1.0.2-swrd ?

Why 1.0.1-swrd tag does not show ?

Here the commit I have:

d09ab43d5736e05840c7c7b816ecefad36c7a79a (HEAD -> main, origin/main, origin/HEAD) changelog config
cc75ac312ab1a8b88acf2e68f85bc39b9f26fa1e changelog config
6157293f5c997140319490fb6a75f1d169939cef changelog config
264373f0c59c87ada37be3c39603e7879885b45e (tag: 1.0.2-swrd) Typology fix
36e443737c75270e92d0234a9b80f02032ce5a7e (tag: 1.0.1-swrd) Typo correction
71dd4a7b3fbb5874e6f5d6f8c434a7544fdb6923 Refactor requirement
1f50df31e01f426860bbfa4f36839292ceab46c7 Update .gitlab-ci.yml
7e977e69ef8f9d2a7a4e624a48ead2919c2c7620 Merge branch 'req_review' into 'main'
858054169cf8e03c4a3203adcb0d38f0e1faad06 (origin/req_review, req_review) `Image
d8e3f5b1c71adef2e916b3a5abfe1c4d487357ee (tag: 1.0.0-swrd) `Image