Changes tab does not load on web-ui when uploading a docx/xlsx file

Hi there!

I am not sure if this is worth opening an issue and wanted to run this by the community first.

When using the web-ui, if an office document is uploaded on a branch, the changes tab won’t load for that specific commit and all following ones, but loads fine for previous versions.

So far, I have noticed this issue for docs and xlsx files but other file types could be involved as well. The files are light ones and the commit overall is also light in changes (one or 2 files). I have encountered this issue in different browsers (Safari and Chrome) and different users have it as well.

The loading wheel keeps moving non-stop.

When inspecting the page, there are errors 500.

The problem seems to happen only when uploading the docx/xlsx file through the web-ui.

I know the changes in Office files are not shown in the diff view anyway, but it is annoying for the other files in the same commit/MR. This is a blocking issue for my organization since a lot of users are non-technical and can only use the web-ui to contribute to the repo of our open documentation.

To reproduce the error:
Upload an Office file through the web-ui and create a MR, then click on the changes tab.

Thank you for your help!