Changing a Project's ActivityTimeout?

So recently my development team has asked me to change a Git Project’s ActivityTimeout from 30 (which is apparently the default) to 90 because of something called a Smudge Error which is hampering Git Pulls. They’ve really not presented me anymore details outside of this (and this link), and I’m the one who admins our GitLab Environment.

Keep in mind I’m not someone with much Git knowledge myself. From what I’ve investigated, there is a setting in Git LFS called ActivityTimeout. In Git, the setting is supposed to look like:


So I’ve been looking to see if this is something I can just edit in the GitLab Web Interface itself. I found this:

I went to the Project setting in CI/CD, and it’s currently set to 1h, so I’m kind of doubting this is the setting I need to change.

So questions for the GitLab Community:

  1. Is there anyway in GitLab I can change the ActivityTimeout for a Git Project/Git LFS?
  2. If I can’t in the Web Interface, how could I change it via Command Line in the GitLab Server?

OK, after doing some research, I believe ActivityTimeout cannot be set in GitLab. I instead ran the following on my GitLab Server via Terminal:

root@gitlab:~# git config --system --add lfs.activitytimeout 90
root@gitlab:~# git config --list --show-origin
file:/etc/gitconfig     lfs.activitytimeout=90
file:.git/config        core.repositoryformatversion=0
file:.git/config        core.filemode=true
file:.git/config        core.bare=false
file:.git/config        core.logallrefupdates=true

I’ve also ran the following on my Nginx Server as well (which apparently has Git setup on it as well):

root@nginx:~# git config --system --add lfs.activitytimeout 90
root@nginx:~# git config --list --show-origin
file:/etc/gitconfig     lfs.activitytimeout=90

So I guess I answered my own question here.