Changing Authentication information in LDAP bind request

Gitlab binds with the AD with below config with bind dn = AAA\abcdefgh , However after binding, the application wants to verify the User from the portal and changes the bind requeste to this format “CN=user ou=xx dc=xx”. Since the AD only authenticates in 'aaa\asd" format how can I change gitlab to send it in that manner ?

gitlab_rails['ldap_servers'] = {
'main' => {
  'label' => 'AD',
  'host' =>  '',
  'port' => 389,
  'uid' => 'sAMAccountName',
  'base' => 'DC=AAA,DC=ORG,DC=LOCAL',
 'bind_dn' => 'AAA\abcdefgh',
 'password' => 'Password',
  'block_auto_created_users'=> 'true',
  'active_directory' => true,
  'lowercase_usernames' => true,


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