Changing logo for Sign in page not working


We are using the latest version of GitLab EE. In the Admin / Appearance page, I have uploaded the logo for Sign in/Sign up pages. It uploaded, but this logo doesn’t appear on the Sign in page, instead it shows the default logo. Also, I couldn’t remove the word “GitLab” under the logo, even if the “Title” is empty. Could you please help how to fix this problem? Thanks in advance.

Experiencing the same issue for a while now in CE. I can’t remember the exact version I first noticed this with but I remember seeing a thread where they said they were going to fix it somewhere. But a month later it still appears to be a problem.

Thank you for your information. It would be nice to see it fixed in the next version.

It works in 15.5.0 and higher.

I have upgraded our Gitlab, now it works. But the problem is, the logo is shown very small, however the dimension is big. I even changed the dimension to 640x360, it didn’t help. In browser, I click right button on the logo and click “Inspect”, if I remove “gl-w-10´” from this line, then it shows the correct size.

<img alt="GitLab Enterprise Edition" class="gl-w-10 js-lazy-loaded qa-js-lazy-loaded" src="/uploads/-/system/appearance/logo/1/logo.svg" loading="lazy">

Where can I find the sign in page, and remove this line there?

That seems to be the way they do it now, see this: Sign in: use custom logo again (!98898) · Merge requests · / GitLab · GitLab

You could always raise an issue and ask them to implement the option to choose how big the logo should be if it’s a problem.