ChatOps slack intergation doesn't work for me

I am using SaaS
Slack integration ChatOps works for all my colleagues but not for me. I couldn’t find any permissions/configuration differences. The only difference is that I joined the company later than others maybe it is related to some bug that appeared in Gitlab recently.

What we have configured:

  1. Gitlab project integration is configured as said in the documentation

  2. GitLab repository with .gitlab-ci.yml from ChatOps documentation page

  3. My gitlab user’s is a group Owner role and slack user’s is Workspace admin

  4. I authenticated my Slack user in Gitlap app when I did first /gitlab command in slack. In my Gitlab profile User settings -> Chat I see this:

  5. I try /gitlab slack-test run ls command in Slack I get this error immediately:
    Sorry, this chat service is currently not supported by GitLab ChatOps.

but in the Gitlab repository Pipelines I see successfully created and completed Job

I tried a lot of things, use different Slack workspaces, different Gitlab users etc. Nothing helps