Cherry-picking MR with already resolved conflicts does not work

Hi everyone

I have seen this, but don’t think my scenario is exactly the same, so would rather have someone confirm if possible?

I did the following in lab environment to test:

Three protected branches: main, test and production. Devs branch code from main via issues and draft MR. Code gets merged back to main. Once ready it is merged to test and then later merged from test to production. Today I created a scenario where I created two new feature branches as different users, but edited the same lines in the same file to deliberately create a Merge Conflict when the code needs to go to main. All this worked as expected and I was able to resolve the conflicts and merge the code to main. I then tried to cherry-pick this MR (where the conflict had been solved) to test branch, and got the same error as mentioned in the bug report above.

When I create a new feature branch (f3) that contains no merge conflicts, I am able to cherry pick this MR’s code to test and later to production without any issue.

Any ideas how I can solve my issue? I have a feeling our devs will often run into a merge conflict and then might need to cherry pick this to get it to production ‘more quickly’. I will take any advice I can get at this point.