Child Pipelines

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First post so apologies in advance : )

I am using GitLab and Pulumi. I plan to use GitLab for pipeline orchestration. Both parent | child pipelines as well as multi-project pipelines.

The focus of this post is parent | child pipelines where I have a use case to dynamically ‘spin up’ n pipelines based on the number of id_suffix entries in a pulumi stack configuration file.
Each pipeline spun up will vary as a function of every distinct id_suffix value.

Does GitLab support ingestion of a variable list that will not only determine the number of child pipelines spun up but determine the context of that pipeline. For context: id_suffix will be used as a deploy targeting mechanism. I.E. Target Google Cloud project.

Another option, although less ideal, is to create a simple yaml file that contains those id_suffixes instead.
project A
project B


Maybe the documentation on dynamic child pipelines provides some ideas for parsing a list, and creating child pipelines based on that. I’m not familiar with Pulumi and its file format though.

Thanks @dnsmichi. Yep - I have already implemented that exact strategy using python and it works well.

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Awesome! Would you mind sharing your implementation, so that others, including myself, can learn too? Thanks :slight_smile: