Christina Hupy

:mountain_biking_woman: Christina Hupy (she/her), GitLab handle c_hupy, Twitter @ChristinaHupy

:corn: I’m posting from West Lafayette, Indiana USA

:mortar_board: I work at GitLab as a Senior Education Program Manager.

:desktop_computer: I use GitLab every day all day long!

:oncoming_automobile: : My main hobby is driving my kids to :volleyball: & :woman_cartwheeling: :laughing: . Otherwise, I love cooking, gardening, road-biking, skiing, and any kind of outdoor/traveling adventures.

:books: : GitLab Docs and Blog posts are my main go-to but I can’t wait to learn about other resources.

100% :dog: We love dogs in our family! We’ve had two dogs for most of the last 2 decades :heart:.

Can’t wait to connect - talk soon!