CI: Adding repositories?

I’m trying to use GitLab’s public CI for a proyect of mine hosted in my gitlab installation.

I’m visiting, but see no options, nor anything that makes it clear what I should do next to integrate my repo into gitlab-ci.

The help just says “GitLab CI integrates with your GitLab installation and run tests for your projects.”. My big question is: how?

A CI server can only be connected with a single GitLab installation. is connected with, so you’ll have to set up your own CI.

Oh, so I guess I should open a github issue then, since the text in the help page indicates pretty much the opposite.


Hmm, the help page states

GitLab CI integrates with your GitLab installation and run tests for your projects.
Login with your GitLab account, add a project with one click and enjoy running your tests.

and on I didn’t find anything that suggests you can set up multiple CIs with a single GitLab instance.

Emphasis mine:

This made my think I could l integrate with my GitLab installation (that’s what is says, actually). That’s not right though, users can’t do that. This should be a bit clearer, so people understand what this service does (and doesn’t)

Ok I see your point. I took it as refering to the administrator who sets up the service. This is a general message which describes the service, not the domain This could be improved I guess. If you have something better to propose this is the file to be edited.