CI and Integrations not happening on push after restore

We recently moved our GitLab instance to another box. This could very well be where I went wrong: Instead of using GitLab’s included backup / restore, I just moved the folders over.

Everything worked, all the issues were still there, and could even download old artifacts.

But today I noticed that for any existing projects, pushes aren’t triggering CI builds, or pushing notifications to Slack. And oddly, code-comments on existing projects are getting to Slack. The logs of the runners show them connecting to the GitLab instance and that there are no builds.

Any new repository isn’t affected by this.

I’m not sure what to try next. I can remove the runners and re-register them. I can try doing a backup / restore of this half-working instance. Is there any Sidekiq / cache stuff to try clearing?

Update: Yeah totally my fault.

Running rake gitlab:check pointed out that the repository hooks weren’t working. Running the command given got everything working.