CI/CD error - remote error:upload-pack

I am definitely a newbie when it comes to CI/CD.

We have code that has submodules, one of which is called “tester”. When I upload new code from any submodule, the CI/CD pipeline runs to test the code
various OS’. This is the error I am seeing:

fatal: remote error: upload-pack: not our ref 13671… (a 40 alphanumeric string)
Fetched in submodule path ‘roles/tester’ but it did not contain 13671… (same alphanumeric string above). Direct fetching of that commit failed.

The CI/CD pipeline obviously fails and I have no idea why.

I did read somewhere to do a “git submodule deinit -f tester” When I did that it says

“error: pathspec ‘tester’ did not match any files known to git”

Can anyone help me figure this out?