CI/CD Jobs not showing when rules evaluate to true - inbuilt job limit?

One of our Gitlab CI/CD projects has a pipeline with 150+ possible jobs, almost all have some (inherited) rules using the ‘extends’ syntax. This is on a self-managed install.

Recently, some of the jobs have simply stopped showing in the pipeline, even though the input to the pipeline (through an API call) means the rules evaluate to True and should definitely show (other jobs with the exact same rules, which are inherited from a job template, do show). The jobs stopped showing after recent changes when more possible jobs were added.

I noticed the jobs that do not show are (alphabetically by name, but not based on their location in the Gitlab ci file) at the end of the alphabet as they start with ‘U’.

Here’s the strange thing - if I rename these jobs to begin with an ‘a’ or earlier letter alphabetically, then they do show. However, other jobs which were visible in the pipeline then disappear - basically those which are now nearer the end alphabetically seemed to get pushed off the end…

I’ve searched the docs, all I can find is a reference that there is no limit on the number of jobs that can be created, and the following reference about maximum jobs, but the default is 0 for self-hosted, and in any case the pipeline does not fail with such an error

There are no errors or otherwise show in the Gitlab pipelines view - the pipeline is created and executes the jobs which are present, although some fail because the expected dependent jobs which should have been created are simply missing.

I’ve tried to find troubleshooting / logs for the creation of the pipeline to no avail. Is this a known issue/limitation or any other logs / debugging I can do?

Hi there,

I have exactly the same problem, did you find a the cause of the problem ?

Hi - no not to actually why this was happening. In the end we simplified our pipeline with fewer jobs and different rules and instead called it multiple times from a parent with different input as needed.