CI/CD Learning Help

I am new to using Gitlab for more than a code repository. Right now I have a local code and mounted into local docker containers that are run with docker compose. I push my code to a project in Gitlab.

My goal is to build the local docker to push to the Gitlab registry, then pull this down to an Amazon Lightsail instance to run. I want this to be a part of a CI/CD pipleline in the longer term, but right now for the current dev state, I just need to get the containers to run in docker up on the Lightsail instance (I do not want to use Lightsail containers, I have an instance running docker).

My big issue right now is that pushing to the Gitlab container registry in my project. It seems I can only push one image, but I have two containers for the project - one for the UI (vuejs) & one for the logic (django rest framework).

This is new territory for me so I am asking for help in pointing me in the right direction to accomplish this.

Thank you for your guidance.

For anyone else who might run into this when starting out…

OK, so when I tried to add the image like this PROJECT/PROJECT_UI & PROJECT/_API it kept saying there was no image after by those names. It turned out I needed to tag them first with:

docker tag IMAGEID gitlabrepo/…

Then I could push and have the two images in the Gitlab container registry and pulled them to my lightsail instance.

Thank you.

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