CI/CD Minutes For GitLab SaaS Free Tier

What about this post that was only sent back in March:

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Well, this is a bummer of course. Currently our 6 member team is using nearly all 2000 minutes per month for our private competitive C++ AI-sports project. We recently migrated from BitBucket, exactly because GitLab provides 2000 CI minutes for free + more features compared to BB.

Hi @steve.lavigne, thanks for reaching out to us.

As we grow as a company, we are consistently trying to be more efficient while continuing to offer the free product to our community. We have continued to evaluate how we can be more efficient in our offering and recent analysis showed that over 98% of our users use less than 400 minutes. We’ve consistently increased the value of our product (including. the free product by bringing features down) and want to continue to do so. This recent blog by our CEO Sid outlines our thinking.

There are multiple options we are providing to our users - including reducing the CI/CD minutes usage (see this deep dive video), bringing your own runners, adding additional minutes or upgrading to a higher tier.

Hi @gikari, thanks for commenting on this.

As you rightly state, we offer a lot more features in our free product than other vendors and want to continue to do so - supporting the feature rich free product for our community.

We are offering quite a few options to help you manage your minutes - including reducing your usage using some techniques highlighted in this deep dive video. Please refer to the FAQ that outlines additional approaches of managing your minutes.


Thanks for the notification about this change.

I think ‘What are the benefits for projects hosted on’ may need to be updated to mention that CI minutes are now/will be a big benefit?

As I understand it (as an open source project hosted on we’ll now need to apply for this otherwise the 400 CI minute limit will be applied? (Or at least will be once is fixed.)

It’d also be great if could be addressed to reduce the number of unnecessary CI minutes burned.

Also out of curiosity “We evaluted CI/CD minute usage and found that 98.5% of free users use 400 CI/CD minutes or less per month” - what percentage use zero minutes, i.e. don’t use CI/CD? :slight_smile: (Does this stat include public projects or did the above bug mean public projects were excluded in your analysis?)


@joseph.heenan Thanks for your feedback!

I agree, if you have an open source project hosted on and require additional minutes, consider applying to the program to benefit from it. We will consider updating the open source program benefits.

We have users using GitLab for different usecases - including only for a repository - in which case CI/CD minutes will not be applicable. The limits are applicable for public projects as well, as highlighted in the FAQ.


Hello, I’m not sure how this affects open source projects owned by personal accounts (rather than groups).

the FAQ says (

Members of our GitLab for Open Source […] programs will not be impacted by this change and will continue to enjoy GitLab Gold Plan benefits

on the page to apply for open source ( it says

All public projects on automatically receive Gold functionality at the project level. Apply to this program if you need Gold functionality at the group level.

So for individual projects, do we need to apply for open source membership or not?

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Hi @mattia.basaglia – it’s ok for projects owned by personal accounts to apply to the GitLab for Open Source program as long as they meet our program requirements:

  1. OSI-approved open source license – All of the code you host in this GitLab group must be published under OSI-approved licenses
  2. Non-profit – Your organization must not seek to make a profit. Accepting donations to sustain your efforts is ok
  3. Publicly visible – Your group or self-hosted instance and your source code must be publicly visible and publicly available

Hope that helps! Let us know if you have other questions about this.


Can you clarify - I have a free tier repo that is private that hosts my GitLab pages site. It isn’t a part of a group. I can’t find any stats on my CI/CD minutes. I think it’s a fair amount, but I have no idea if this policy change will impact me.

Hi @0xdf,

Thanks for reaching out! Sorry for any confusion.

Shared Runner CI minute consumption should be listed in your Usage Quota at either the user or group level.

If the pages project is hosted in your personal user namespace, you can see your CI minute consumption here:

If the pages project is hosted under a group namespace, the CI minute usage will be tracked in the group’s Usage Quota:<group_name>/-/usage_quotas#pipelines-quota-tab

These Usage Quota pages will show aggregated CI minute usage up top (total used by all projects), with per-project CI minute consumption laid out below.

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Thanks, I see that now. Is there any way to see past months? I know that I’ve used 36 minutes this month, but that doesn’t tell me much about what my past months activity has looked like to know what to expect.

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Do the new restrictions on minutes apply to people who host the agent themselves on their own runner or only those that use the shared runners?

Hi @jWorld. Great question, thanks for asking!

We only count minutes on the shared runners we provide on As such, CI Minute limits only apply to projects using GitLab-provided runners to execute CI/CD jobs.

There are no CI minute limitations if you install, register, and use your own GitLab runner for CI jobs.

Awesome thanks!

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Good suggestion! I started a merge request to add a mention of that in the header and in the FAQ section on that page:

It should be updated soon.

Thanks, @joseph.heenan!



Is there any way to see past months?

Great question!

GitLab does not currently have an interface with previous months’ CI minute usage, but I think this would be a valuable feature to add.

Would you be willing to create a feature proposal issue requesting this functionality with a quick summary of your use case, and link it here?

If you make a feature proposal issue requesting historical CI minute data be included in the CI minute quota, I’ll gladly help by applying labels used to prioritize work and get relevant GitLab teams involved in finding a solution.

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Not sure why it would need to be a “Feature proposal”. Seems like an obvious feature that would be needed.

Think about how people could draft a budget for their managers if they don’t know what budget will be needed? (Assumedly the budget proposal would be Option 1: Pay Gitlab, Option 2: setup internal CI/CD facility.) As long as Option 1 can be shown to be cheaper it would be a no brainer.

So Linds. I use Gitlab with a collegue of mine, very happy with it btw, and got this e-mail from gitlab that CI/CD minutes are changing. I don’t what CI/CD is but Googled it. (Maybe something you would want to link it even if it’s kind of straightforward for millenials? Is that like committing and pulling to gitlab…in a continous way? How does that translate to 400 minutes even in big projects? It doesnt feel that this specific e-mail is the concern of every Gitlab user but I just want to make sure. Thank you in advance for answering my silly question.


Hi everyone,
First, thank you for building this incredible tool that Gitlab is :star_struck: (that may only need a shortcut to navigate beetween commits of a merge request :rofl:), and providing free access to some of these incredible features.
Now, as I currently use GitLab SCM + CI + CD :heart: (around 1k-1k5 minutes a month)
As I work for a non profit organization that works alongside homeless and poor people, and this change will most certainly impact us, I wonder if you plan to apply some exceptions or solidary billing on these usages quotas for non profits organization ?


I honestly wish that before making this change you had addressed the workflows of purchasing additional minutes. I almost bought extra minutes one month when I was approaching the limit, but it was so unintuitive that I thought it was broken and gave up. - I should be able to give you a cc and you give me minutes. Don’t make it difficult for people to give you money. (PS, I registered on this forum to make this post. Same deal, why do I need to confirm my email address when I logged in with my gitlab account?)

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