Ci/CD - Run compiler of inno script

I enable CI/CD in gitlab. I would like to, in the build job, compile a setup made with inno setup. This is yaml gitlab configuration related to build job

    stage: build

    - echo building project...
    - C:\\Windows\\Microsoft.NET\\Framework\\v4.0.30319\\msbuild /target:Build /property:config=Release /verbosity:q Project1.dproj /p:DCC_BuildAllUnits=true /p:"Platform=Win32"
    - iscc "path/file.iss"
       name: "test"
          - Win32\Release\Project1.exe

But, when i execute the pipeline I got this error: ISCC : Termine ‘ISCC’ non riconosciuto come nome di cmdlet, funzione, programma eseguibile o file script. Controllare l’ortografia del nome o verificare che il percorso sia incluso e corretto, quindi riprovare.

I launch this pipeline in my windows machine and I already add environment variables in the system.

Anyone has idea why is wrong?

Thanks in advance