CI/CD settings : cannot set Container Registry tag expiration policy

In the CI/CD settings of a project I am owner, I cannot set the “Container Registry tag expiration policy”.

When I expand this config section, I have the message :

Container Registry tag expiration and retention policy is disabled
The Container Registry tag expiration and retention policies for this project have not been enabled. Please contact your administrator.

Who is designated by “the administrator” ? I thought it would be the project owner but that’s me, and I can’t enable this.

Thanks in advance for your help,


Assuming you’re an user on It seems you cannot use the new expiry feature in the following condition.

For, expiration policies are not available for projects created before GitLab 12.8.

You might want to open an issue if you need to enable it in an existing project prior to 12.8. It seems there is a technical issue that cannot enable on entire projects.

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Oh great !
Thank you very much for pointing me to this part of the documentation.


@lionel.tressens Just to add onto what Shinya has already pointed out, we also have this issue where we’re tracking our efforts to get this feature enabled on all projects on if you want to give it a thumbs up to be notified of any updates.