CI/CD Variable reference insights on pipeline settings

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I would like to submit a formal feature request to the entire Gitlab team. In my role, I am responsible for the configuration and management of all DevOps-related activities within my organization. As part of this responsibility, I meticulously document the usage of environment variables in a dedicated Notion workspace. This documentation serves as a reference for the placement of environment variables within our gitlab-ci.yml files.

My journey in encountering this challenge commenced when I joined my current company, and I observed that our entire pipeline had become disorganized and, to put it frankly, quite chaotic. It fell upon me to rectify this situation. Each repository was making references to CI/CD variables in various locations, resulting in a tangled web of dependencies. Consequently, deleting or modifying a single variable had the potential to disrupt the functionality of other repositories.

I envision a valuable and practical feature that could greatly enhance our workflow. Specifically, I propose the implementation of a tool that would allow users to easily identify which variables are referenced within specific repositories. This feature would significantly contribute to the smooth and robust execution of our pipelines, ultimately ensuring faultless operations.

Thank you for considering this suggestion, and I look forward to the possibility of its implementation.

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Hello @buri

Feature requests needs to be raised in Issues · / GitLab · GitLab
This is only community forum.

If you are going to raise a new FR I suggest to be more specific about what kind features, steps or actions it should have and what kind of output/result do you expect, in what format and what values it should contain. You request is too general at the moment.

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