CI dashboard for all forks and for all users

I am setting up a GitLab instance within a University. The workflow is:

  • Students fork from a lab project from the account of the lecturer
    • e.g. forking from account ‘lecturer’, project ‘lab-5’
  • The projects have failing tests which the CI script will report.
  • The task is to keep pushing commits until the CI script reports all tests passing.

I would like to track the CI reports of all forks from the ‘lecturer’ account.

I’ve mocked up an ideal interface:


This view would shows all students (rows) that have forked which projects from the ‘lecturer’ user, and the CI output is for the last commit they’ve pushed to the GitLab server for each project (columns).

Alternatively, at the cost of a few more clicks, I imagine a CI dashboard for a particular project (i.e. one of the ‘lecturer’ projects) showing all the students (rows) that have forked that project, and what the CI outcome is for their latest commit to the GitLab server:


Is there such an interface already built into GitLab? Otherwise, is there a plugin that provide such views?

This has been asked as a GitLab feature request ticket and is being tracked there:

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