CI deploy issue when moving to > 8.12. Can anyone see where I'm going wrong?

Hi all,

We have a number of CI / CD tests that have stopped working after migrating to a newer version of gitlab. Looking through the documentation we have been trying the following for non docker builds:

if [ -d {DESTDIR} ] ; then cd {DESTDIR} ; git pull; else git clone https://gitlab-ci-token:{CI_BUILD_TOKEN}@{CI_BUILD_REPO} ${DESTDIR}; fi

but the checkout fails as it is not authentitcated.

Can anyone suggest where I’m going wrong ?

Thank you in advance

OK, so we went with a plan B approach.

For those who find themselves in the same situation, this was our approach.

We created a local deploy account on the deploy target host and created the ssh keys in the usual ssh-keygen fashion.

The deploy target is a the master node of a compute cluster. We added a deploy user as an administrator for the cluster and added the to the deploy keys for the cluster git project.

The runner was then set to run as this user. We then had to update the git remote to access git@gitlab../my/repo.git rather than the previous remote that contained the CI_BUILD_TOKEN etc from the pre-8.12 release.

The service is now running again as intended.

Looking at the number of queries regarding similar issues, would it be possible to added something like the above to the wiki changes and migration requirements for those who are upgrading from pre-8.12 releases ?

Thank you in advance