CI did not execute the JOB as designe

I installed Group Runner on a GitLab library, which was documented to perform tasks in a FIFO queue. The.gitlab-ci.yaml file on both branches is the same. When I push to the Master and V1.1 branches at the same time, two CI processes are triggered. CI will follow some of the steps of the V1.1 branch. Mater starts tasks that are triggered by a mater branch and are not executed in the order of job ids. I need CI to execute the task according to the job ID. How do I do that?

gitlab : [13.2.10]
runner: 14.9.0
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Job order execution between branches is not guaranteed.

If you need your jobs in different branches to be executed in a specific order (very very very bad practice) you need to develop your own solution using GitLab API to determine what/when should run within the jobs.