CI job didn't detected script exit; ran for 9939 minutes

We had a CI job running which linted an emberjs project. The linter exited succesfully with the following message:

$ yarn lint:style
yarn run v1.16.0
$ stylelint 'app/**/*.scss'
Done in 1.37s.

However the runner didn’t quit after that and ended up running 9939 minutes.

Our gitlab-ci:

image: node:alpine

# Cache modules in between jobs
    - node_modules/

  - apk add --update --no-cache git
  - echo @edge >> /etc/apk/repositories
  - echo @edge >> /etc/apk/repositories
  - apk add --no-cache --update chromium nss@edge
  - rm testem.js
  - cp testem.js
  - npm -g install ember-cli
  - yarn

    - yarn lint:js
    - yarn lint:hbs
    - yarn lint:style

    - ember test

Is this an issue with our pipeline? If not can the minutes be reset?

We have very similar problem. Our pipeline ran 3563 minutes and we run out of current 2000 minutes quota.

Is it possible to reset our quota until this problem is solved?

@ddnetters, Sorry for the trouble! We have an open issue here for this behavior. Feel free to contact support and we’ll take care of your minutes.