CI runner quota on standalone GitLab

We have our own GitLab server(s), and our own runners.

Within the last 20 minutes we’ve gotten five mails from our GitLab saying that “your CI Runner Minutes quota for “” is below 5%.” (for four different groups, one of which was the first group in the company to start using GitLab, so I think they have their projects set up properly to use our own runners), containing a link to (where it says we can buy more minutes).

But our GitLab is configured without limits such limits.

I’ve checked the received headers on the mails and they seem to originate from our own GitLab server, which the from-address also says.

Is there some (new) setting that I need to tune?

(I upgraded to 12.1.0 - which hasn’t been announced yet - a few minutes before the first mail)

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Now I’ve also gotten a mail stating that "CI Runner Minutes quota for " my user is below 5%.

This is becoming absurd.

Same thing happened here.

The same for my self-hosted installation after upgrading to 12.1.0

I also upgraded gitlab-runner to 12.1 yesterday. Has anybody tried just/not upgrading that and can say whether or not that influences this undesirable behaviour?

Same here!

Thought it was something I’d done!

GitLab 12.1.1 is released with the fix for this problem. Please see more at