CIDR for gitlab's CI/CD runner

I need to whitelist the ci/cd runner’s cidr (ip range) in aws service to run my pipeline. have tried using the cidr available in gitlab’s official documents but its not the valid one.

please provide me the valid cidr

I got this from their documentation, same info what we are looking for:

IP range uses the IP ranges and for traffic from its Web/API fleet. This whole range is solely allocated to GitLab. You can expect connections from webhooks or repository mirroring to come from those IPs and allow them. is fronted by Cloudflare. For incoming connections to, you might need to allow CIDR blocks of Cloudflare (IPv4 and IPv6).
For outgoing connections from CI/CD runners, we are not providing static IP addresses.

All shared runners are deployed into Google Cloud Platform (GCP). Any IP-based firewall can be configured by looking up all IP address ranges or CIDR blocks for GCP.