Cloned project (export, then import) experiences CICD failures, "Checking pipeline status" even when job has completed

So I’m not sure if this is a bug request or if I’m doing something specifically wrong. I have a project that uses Docker to build and deploy a Unity game. Everything runs on Gitlab’s runners, and I haven’t had a single build fail (unless I check in a bug, of course). This is a “base template” project that I created with the intent of using it as a starting place for all of my other projects. (Link if you need it)

After doing some research, I realized that I couldn’t fork my own project in order to use it as a baseline for my next one. I spent some time on the forum, and finally decided that exporting my project, then importing it under a different name was the easiest way to keep all of my previous work including CICD settings, issue templates, etc. (See issue 15655), 15263, and 13208.

Everything is mostly working fine, except I starting getting a LOT of CICD failures. >50% of the pipelines I ran were failing on at least one job, usually due to network timeouts or git pull timeouts. Re-running the failed job usually gets the pipeline to pass, but I have to manually go in and restart the failed job, so it’s not really automated anymore.

Interestingly, merge requests have stopped reporting pipeline status altogether. It sometimes starts working if I run a manual job, but the automatic jobs don’t seem to ever be recognized. I can see that the pipeline passed on the CICD tab, but the merge request can’t pull the status, instead giving a “Checking pipeline status” message. (Link to the new project)

From what I’ve seen, the old project is still working fine. I’m assuming that both projects are trying to share something on the back-end since they started out as the same project. But I’m not sure where to look. If it is truly a bug, I can report it as such. I do understand that my use case might be a little unusual, but I don’t see a more supported way of cloning projects, so I’m assuming that what I did is valid. Other than the CICD issues, everything seems fine.