[CLOSED] How do I make a build without using CI?

The title basically says it all, how can I make a build with out using CI? The language that I’m using is RBX.lua (or the roblox version of lua) and I’m unable to make builds for my working scripts, and it’s pretty annoying. But either way, does anyone know how to make a build without CI (or even with CI but without it actually running anything)?

Scratch the whole question, I realized what the builds section was for, and now I put in a feature request for gitlab to add a releases view (more details in the issue) which would fulfill my request.

Short answer, you cannot. Pasting here what your scripts and .gitlab-ci.yml look like, would help troubleshoot this.

tldr: CI is default 'cause I never use it, so any way to make CI put all my scripts in a build would work for me.

tl: I never use CI so .gitlab-ci.yml would just be the default script, my scripts are a mixture of xml and lua, but if its possible to make CI just run a script which puts what ever is in it in the build then that would work for me, all I want to do is put my scripts in a build, so as I said before any way of accomplishing it would work.