[closed] Huge repo size cleanup

Hello, I have a repo with a size of 20gb.

In local, I have done the following command : git repack -a -d and the size of the repo take a “normal” size.

Now I need to clean this mess but in my gitlab (selfhosted in a EC2), when I click on run housekeeping on my-repo/settings/general my instance return an HTTP 500 and I have to reboot my EC2 instance. The CPU never go up to 50%.

  • The housekeeping task have minimum cpu/ram prerequisite ? (I have 2 Core CPU & 8GB of RAM)
  • Is there an alternative to housekeeping for that kind of problem ? (e.g. running manually git repack somewhere in the server)

Problem solved by augmenting the ssd size (it was full…)