[Code Climate] Missing report on target branch while they exists


I’m using Code Climate since few weeks ago and it’s a really great tool.

However, I’m struggling with its configuration which sometimes works and sometimes does not.

I have 2 “main” branches : master and staging

The code climate job is configured to be triggered on a merge request event and on master and staging commit.

This way we can compare our merge requests while merging into staging and compare with this branch.

Same for master.

Recently, I saw that the reports on the merge request going into staging were not working anymore saying : Base pipeline codequality artifact not found

The fact is that the codequality artifact exists on the target branch, and is up to date.

I also tried to download the two reports and compare them manually and saw 2-3 differences.

The report is approximately ~7mb and there are over 20k “errors” not filtered yet. I don’t know if it can do anything.

As far as I know, no prob on master which is also the default branch.

Has anyone experienced this yet?