Code Quality can't find base report despite it existing

I have recenrly setup code quality jobs in my CI such that I can see code quality reports in the pipeline details of my project pipelines. I have successfully merged this into mainline and have been able to see similar code-quality reports in other pipelines I’ve branched off of mainline. My trouble is when I try to do a merge request and see the code quality merge request widget. It says “Failed to load codeclimate report”. Hovering over the question mark I see “base pipeline codequality artifact not found”. This seems unexpected because when I look at the last pipeline on the last commits of both branches I see the code quality reports with the violations produced by the tool I am using. Inspecting the page I am seeing a codequality json object where the base_path is set to null. Digging through this forum, amongst others, and the gitlab Ci documentation, the only solution I can see is that there somehow secretly isn’t a report for the base pipeline, which I can see is clearly false.

I’m at a bit of a loss for how to debug this further and unfortunately, I cannot share further configuration information on this forum due to work policies. Does anyone have any further suggestions as to how I could go about debugging this?

I am using gitlab 13.8.2-ee and the latest (as of today) gitlab runner on windows 10.