via GitLab: no login (error message)

Dear all,

I want to contribute to Tickets · VideoLAN / VLC · GitLab. Therefore, I would like to login via VideoLAN GitLab. On the first try, I created a token for VideoLAN. But I wasn’t logged in. When I now try to login, I always get

Die Anmeldung mit deinem Konto ohne ein bereits bestehendes GitLab-Konto ist nicht zulässig. Zuerst ein GitLab-Konto erstellen und es dann mit deinem verbinden.

But I already do have a GitLab account and even the VideoLAN token was created.
How can I access Tickets · VideoLAN / VLC · GitLab?

Thank you!


suggest asking in the VideoLAN community forums at who might be able to help with account specific requests and troubleshooting is for GitLab questions and everything GitLab community.