Codeowners feature is not working with groups

Hello, I’ve been unsuccessfully trying to make codeowners feature to work in our company’s gitlab.

What I’ve tried so far:

  • Created two public groups: one for codeowners users one to have my test project
  • Added a couple of users into my codeowners group
  • Added CODEOWNERS file in my test project which contains
[Ruby Devs]
*.rb @code-owners-group
  • Created main.rb in my test project
  • Invited codeowners group into my test group with my test project
  • For my test project, in Settings → Repository → Protected branches, turned on Code owner approval option
  • Modified main.rb file and created a merge request, however in merge request I see all approvals as optional and no users from my codeowners group (see screenshot)

So my question is, what I am missing here? I read somewhere on this forum that for codeowners to work with groups, not individual users, the group has to be either a subgroup of the group with the project using codeowners or the group with codeowner users has to be invited directly to the project. However the invite group option is missing for my project (see screenshot, gitlab version is 16.5)

UPD: here is the thread I was talking about: Code owners rule is invalid when using a subgroup