Como desvincular meu endereço de e-mail da conta bloqueada do gitlab?

My 2FA device is broken and I can’t find where I wrote my alternate recovery codes. Is there a way to regain access to my GitLab account?

How to unlink my email address from blocked gitlab account?

Many thanks to everyone who helped me!

If you uploaded SSH keys to your account you can generate new codes:

as per a lot of the posts already on here asking the same question, mostly community members here so we aren’t Gitlab staff so cannot help much. You can try opening support ticket with Gitlab, but I believe they don’t assist in these matters if you are a free user, but no harm trying.

@iwalker, thanks a lot for the help.
I haven’t uploaded SSH keys to my account.
How do I unlink my email address from the gitlab account that I’m not able to access due to missing alternate recovery codes?

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You have to try contacting Gitlab with a support ticket from the link I gave, most here are just community members like yourself who try to help out where we can. We don’t have any admin access to anything except our own Gitlab instances that we run privately.

I contacted Gitlab and opened a support ticket on the link you provided.
Thank you very much!

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