Compare version drop downs in Merge Request list is not populated

We’re on 13.9 self hosted. The issue I’m seeing ist that some of the Merge Requests we make things work just fine and where you can select which versions to compare in the changes tab of the MR, the list originally was not complete and only had HEAD and latest version available. I tried switching destination branches to something else and then back to our main branch and then some new items showed up in the list, but the MR has 11 commits in it, but only 4 versions show up in the dropdown and they’re all of the same commit (which happens to be the latest version)


I looked into this a little and it appears this data is populated from the merge_request_diffs received from a call to the server

In that screen cap, you can see the commits is incorrect. While there are 11 commits in the MR, some of the merge_requests_diff items have some seeming arbitrary values in the commits count that are way over the actual commits in the Merge Request. Which is odd as they all do have the same commit hash.

Has anyone seen something like this before?