Complex Searching and Filtering Issues


I would like to search for issues that do not have any of Label X , Label Y , Label Z attached to them.

To achieve this I have created:
Label !=LabelX Label !=LabelY

This assumes that the relationship between terms is an AND one which the documentation seems to imply it is.

However something funny is happening as the filter is returning issues with the LabelX

Does anyone have an idea what I am doing wrong?

Thanks in advance


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Hi Ian, did you ever get an answer to your question. I am also try to do a search on the board for issues that do not contain labelX. I tried putting in label!= before adding the label but that did not work.

Hi George

Not really to my satisfaction I am afraid. From memory I think I raised a support issue.
Look here:

The relevant response , I think , was a pointer to the following. It seems to show that advanced filtering on combinations of labels was/is not available. Keeps getting bumped.

My original concern was that withe the number of user stories we needed, it would lead to an unmanageable amount of data. Hence advanced search capabilities were needed.
Have just looked at the link above and it has been closed as it is felt the functionality is already delivered. I have not checked however.