Config Files Gitlab Server Omnibus - too many redirects

In the image I change “after sign path” and “sign up enabled” and I dont remember if “home page url” too, but when I save changes and I am trying login to my server but the webbrowser tell me “too many redirects”

How can I change config file paramters to delete the changes?

Where can I find config files in the server?

Its imposible to login web and I can’t find config file with my lasta changes.

The Gitlab server is version 7.

Hi @cahedral and welcome! I noticed it’s been a couple weeks since you wrote in with your re-direct problem. Will you please confirm you are still seeing this? If you are, I will try and find a expert who has experienced this to help out. Thanks and talk soon!

Hi, This problem has not been resolved. My version of gitlab is 7.14.2.

For now I have restored my configuration. Because if I indicated the URL I was doing indefinite redirects.



the config for the external_url is located in /etc/gitlab/gitlab.rb.

One thing I’d to suggest - upgrade from 7.x to 12.x, which allows to you to follow along in the documentation as well.


Do you hace any guide to migrate?

I wish deploy a new gitlab in a another server and migrate repos to New gitlab.

Can you guve an idea to start migration?


I’d investigate on the docs (Google has some more insights with “gitlab migrate”).

I don’t think that you can escape the upgrade though, so best would still be performing the incremental upgrade steps if that’s possible. With a backup taken first, you should be safe.


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