Configure app iphone

Hi. I downloaded the app gitlab control for iPhone and I don’t know how to configure it. What I have to put in host? I have some projects in gitlab.

Tks for help

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For what it’s worth to anyone finding this page through a search engine, I had the same problem and was referred to email

I haven’t done so yet, but I’ll update my response here when I know more, unless someone else beats me to it.

So, this may not apply to everyone, but in my case I got it to work by comparing another app’s working configuration and applying it to GitLabControl. It turns out that the “host” field appears filled when in fact it is empty, and the app doesn’t make this clear even when it’s attempting to connect.

So, instead of host name, I entered the full URL, and switched on “use SSL”. Only then was I prompted for credentials and successfully logged in.