Configure Gitlab

I am in the process of reinstalling my gitlab and would like to improve a few things.
I am using the community edition of Gitlab and for login I want to use an external provider like Azure.

Here is what I would like to implement:

  • Using the gitlab.rb file, I would like to disable login with local gitlab accounts. For this I found a setting, but it doesn’t work anymore (gitlab_signin_enabled).

  • New users signing in via Azure should not be able to create groups by default.

  • I want to be able to control a user’s role in Gitlab (Regular, Admin) over Azure (App Roles).

  • When new projects are created, a gitlab-ci.yaml should be created automatically, like the file. What I want to achieve with this is to scan the code that is pushed to Gitlab automatically with Sonarqube.

Also, I would be interested to know what your folder structure looks like in Gitlab.
Is it structured by department, by project, by language?

Thank you!