Configure Permission Levels Within GitLab CE

We migrated to GIT and GitLab last year, and have been using it for several months.
However one of the problems is the Permissions.
There are 5 primary categorys, Guest, Reporter, Developer, Master, and Owner.

Developer has All the permissions we need save one:
Create Project In Group

If we promote our developers to “Master” they will have access to “Push to Protected Branches” which we don’t want, but currently we have to go to someone else to Create the new project in GitLab before we can begin working, which is annoying to say the least.

Is there any way to give our Administrators more granular control over which “Permission” a different group has, like remove “Push to Protected Branches” from Master, or add “Create project In Group” to Developer?

Jaeden “Sifo Dyas” al’Raec Ruiner

Eventually a matrix security model like Jenkins would make sense. Users should belong to Roles, and Roles that are pre-configured could be called Master, Developer, Reporter, and Guest, and Owner and Admin would be implicit roles that always has “Everything” turned on.

The canned and ONLY available options right now are here:

Then for EACH branch you can turn on or off “Developer can push” for the branch you want to protect or not.

do we know from anyone at if a “matrix security model” is planned?