Configuring and using the "Congregate" tool

We’re in the process of setting up the “Congregate” tool, and so far have managed to get to a point where we can start the Congregate docker container without any errors. However, running the “ configure” command, we are prompted for the ‘Destination host’ and ‘Destination instance GitLab access token (Settings → Access Tokens):’. It is here where it fails with numerous “Failed to establish a new connection:” errors.

I should point out that we’ve setup the ‘Congregate’ tool on a ‘non-GitLab’ Linux host. Our Source and Destination/Target hosts will be separate GitLab hosts. Will this setup work?

We will no doubt have additional questions as we progress through setting up this tool. Will this be an appropriate forum for submitting questions and soliciting advise regarding our efforts to setup and use this ‘Congregate’ tool?

Thank you,

Hey for now, the folks who can help with congregate are using the congregate project issue board to field these kinds of questions. Can you re-ask there and post your congregate.conf file and more complete log outputs there?