Configuring Gitlab on GCP Kubernetes

Recently installed Gitlab on GCP in a Kubernetes cluster from this link. Automated install went fine, I was able to setup DNS, obtain credentials and login to the application.

To start, I am currently attempting to enable and configure SAML (Gsuite auth) and for the life of me, cannot figure out how and where to do this. The linked documentation from the GCP Marketplace listing primarily just goes through the process for a manual installation, but does not specifically mention what to do in terms of making low-level configuration changes (i.e. equivalent of editing gitlab.rb).

I’m new to Kubernetes and still trying to wrap my head around this. ELI5, what am I missing here?

In attempting to do a “from scratch” setup, I am unable to do a clone of the repo due to known issues, and this puts me at a total standstill. Mods, feel free to delete this topic.

Going the traditional install route instead.