Configuring readinessProbe to Exec

Hi, I’m currently moving my project to kubernetes and I’m fairly new to it. My nodejs application inst a web app, so I cant use the default method of readness (web) to check my application. I’m using the default .gitlab-ci.yml template for auto DevOps. Is there a way to change the yml so I can chance the readinessProbe to something like this:

    - cat
    - /tmp/healthy
  initialDelaySeconds: 5
  periodSeconds: 5

Tried to add in the variables HELM_UPGRADE_EXTRA_ARGS with:
--set livenessProbe.exec.command=null --set livenessProbe.httpGet=null

And many many other iterations of this command line, all of them didn’t affected the final pod.

Also tried to set –values and have my own values.yml, but it also didnt reflected the changes on the actual pod

Thank you