Confirmation email not sent/received

I try since 2 days to receive the confirmation email for an account I setup. This account is needed as it has the educational gitlab license associated with it.

This isn’t really something the forum can help with. You’ll need to raise a support ticket and select the (SAAS) user accounts and login issues option.

I agree. But the issue is that you have to put a repo path there and other items that this account does not have yet as it is a new account. So in this sense it is a catch22 and I do not know how to contact GitLab and raise this issue which is quite unfortunate.

Hi @eser-j TBH I think you could just put your username in their and the support people could probably figure it out, Maybe @dnsmichi can confirm?

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Hey @eser-j I work with the community programs applications and I can help troubleshoot! Would you mind sending an email to containing the email you applied with? This way I can confirm the license was approved and activated.