Confused about Repository mirroring - Is it not working right?

So, I’ve been testing out features of Gitlab for a bit here and one thing I have been working with a lot, but am really confused by is repository mirroring. Randomly I am being presented with less options than I think I should.

When I first started mirroring everything worked fine, but then at one point I was going to remove and re-add mirroring to resolve a push/pull issue. Once I did that, I am now no longer seeing the option to setup pull mirroring (I can still set up push mirroring although).

Earlier when I first set up pull mirroring just fine, I also noticed that push mirroring was at first greyed out. Originally I thought this for some reason was intentional, being relatively new to the platform (or at least managing repositories on). I’m still really confused why options are not showing up.

Any thoughts, comments, etc. on this would be helpful as I don’t know where to go with this :sweat_smile:
Mirroring was a lifesaver for helping transition over.

I was mirroring from a GitHub hosted repository with a git URL and a PAT as the password (if that means anything of value)

I’d certainly appreciate any insight!

Pull mirroring requires a paid subscription. Push mirroring is only available for free. Maybe you had pull when the trial period was active. Otherwise, it wouldn’t be accessible.


I’m late to reply back, but thank you for the insight.
It wasn’t directly outligned in any documentation I saw, so I wasn’t quite sure on it.


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