Confused by deprecation: daemon mode for GitLab Pages will be removed

On the deprecations page it says

In 15.0, support for daemon mode for GitLab Pages will be removed.

I am unsure what this means since gitlab-pages describes itself as

GitLab Pages daemon used to serve static websites for GitLab users

My guess after browsing through issues and merge requests is, there won’t be a gitlab-pages parent process with its own tree below, but instead nginx will spawn individual gitlab-pages processes on request.

As said just guessing. Can someone shed some light on this?

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I would also appreciate some clarification on that deprecation note. I don’t see any reference to a “daemon mode” in the admin docs.

There are different ways to configure pages, but they all seem to refer to the daemon. Is there a way to run pages without a daemon?

My organization is running Gitlab as a docker container. Will there be any impact with that functionality?

I would appreciate some clarification as well, so I join here with the same questions as asked by @sbaylor and @dirks.

Clarification is provided in

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