Connect cockroach database in gitlab ci services

I am using kuberntes runner for CICD. I want to connect cockroach database from stage container to run test cases, I have tried to configured it in CI but not working,. Here is sample of my gitlab-ci.yml file.

  image: cockroachdb/cockroach:v20.2.3
  stage: test
    DATABASE_URL: "postgresql://test_db:password@cockroachdb-cockroach:26257/test_db?sslmode=require"
    - name: cockroachdb/cockroach:v20.2.3
        - "bash"
        - -c
        - >
          mkdir certs my-safe-directory
          cockroach cert create-ca --certs-dir=certs --ca-key=my-safe-directory/ca.key
          cockroach cert create-node localhost cockroachdb cockroachdb-cockroach cockroach $(hostname) --certs-dir=certs --ca-key=my-safe-directory/ca.key
          cockroach cert create-client root --certs-dir=certs --ca-key=my-safe-directory/ca.key
          cockroach start-single-node --certs-dir=certs --advertise-addr=cockroachdb-cockroach --background
          cockroach sql --certs-dir=certs --execute="CREATE DATABASE test_db; CREATE USER test_db WITH PASSWORD 'password'; GRANT ALL ON DATABASE test_db TO test_db;"
          tail -f /dev/null
  cache: {}
  script: |
    #curl http://cockroachdb-cockroach:8080
    cockroach sql --certs-dir=certs --execute="show databases;" --url=$DATABASE_URL

Error :

ERROR: cannot dial server.
Is the server running?
If the server is running, check --host client-side and --advertise server-side.
dial tcp connect: connection refused

Is there anything wrong in my ci file or does cockroach db database supports in gitlab ci services ?