Connect self-managed GitLab properly to Jira (under Development/Code)

Hello everyone,

I’m currently trying to figure out how I would properly, fully connect our self-managed GitLab to Jira.
There seem to be two tutorials, but neither resulted in what I was trying to accomplish.

The first one talks about using the “Jira” integration on our GitLab. I set that up and that seems to work fine. It posts comments below Jira Issues, it adds WebLinks and I can also navigate from GitLab to the Jira Issue. Perfect.

The second tutorial talks about using the DVCS Accounts on Jira’s side. I set up an Application on our GitLab and used the Group and IDs (Client/Secret) to connect a “GitHub Enterprise” account to Jira.
Theoretically one can say this works, as I can see the Repositories in the DVCS Accounts menu of Jira.

However here is what I’m probably missing: Our Project on Jira has a “Code” tab on the left (as well as Releases).

Clicking on that wants me to select either BitBucket, GitHub, Git Integration, or Neither of those is a self-managed GitLab (or supports it). And I can’t select the repositories that I linked via the DVCS Accounts section here (at least I don’t see how. I can’t find any menu allowing me to do that).

Is this not supported via self-managed GitLab setups or is there a tutorial that I’m missing (or just a step for what it’s worth)?

Appreciated any help!


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Hi @cedric_exi

Do you use Jira Server/DataCenter or Jira Cloud? Since you are mentioning “GitHub Enterprise” I guess you are on Jira Cloud.

DVCS connectors are deprecated and will be removed in GitLab 16. But currently it’s broken if you don’t have right GitLab/Jira versions. And not working if you are using Jira Cloud See JIRA DVCS integration failing to renew token every two hours, unable to authenticate (#366875) · Issues · / GitLab · GitLab

The first integration you mentioned really only creates backlinks to Jira issues in MR, commits, …
For the second integration - Jira Development Panel - for Jira Cloud you need to use GitLab for Jira